Summer Camp

Cytense will be attending Blackhat and DEF CON (or “hacker summer camp” depending on who you’re talking to), and would love to meetup and connect with potential partners. If you have something to talk to us about, or cool to show us, drop us an email!


Talks of particular interest:


Vulnerable Out of the Box: An Evaluation of Android Carrier Devices

Friday at 12:00 in Track 1
45 minutes | Audience Participation, Exploit
Ryan Johnson
Angelos Stavrou

“In this talk, we will present our framework that is capable of discovering 0-day vulnerabilities from binary firmware images and applications at scale allowing us to continuously monitor devices across different manufacturers and firmware versions."


One-Click to OWA

Friday at 13:00 in Track 3
20 minutes | Demo, Tool
William Martin

“In this talk, I will introduce ExchangeRelayX, an NTLM relay tool that provides attackers with access to an interface that resembles a victim's OWA UI and has many of its functionalities - without ever cracking the relayed credentials.”


GOD MODE UNLOCKED: Hardware Backdoors in [redacted] x86 CPUs

Friday at 14:00 in Track 1
45 minutes | Demo, Tool, Exploit
Christopher Domas

“This talk will demonstrate what everyone has long feared but never proven: there are hardware backdoors in some x86 processors, and they're buried deeper than we ever imagined possible."


You'd better secure your BLE devices or we'll kick your butts !

Saturday at 12:00 in Track 2
45 minutes | Demo, Tool, Exploit
Damien "virtualabs" Cauquil Head of Research & Development, Digital Security

“...we decided to create a tool to lower the ticket: BtleJack. BtleJack not only provides an affordable and reliable way to sniff and analyze Bluetooth Low Energy devices and their protocol stacks, but also implements a brand new attack dubbed "BtleJacking" that provides a way to take control of any already connected BLE device.”


Steven Ly